Where every Guide Dog journey begins

Re-opened in September 2017, our newly refurbished Breeding Centre in Brisbane is the paw-fect place for Guide Dog puppies to play, grow and learn.

About the centre

A Black Guide Dog puppy

Every Guide Dog puppy’s very first home

The Breeding Centre is truly at the heart of our organisation because it’s where every Guide Dog puppy meets the world. Every wagging tail and wet nose brings an opportunity for someone with low vision to live a full and active life.

The journey of every Guide Dog starts here, where the pups begin their early development from the time they are born. They live in the nursery until they are about eight weeks old and during this time are exposed to different objects, sounds, lights and textures that they might encounter in the real world.

When the pups are old enough to leave the Breeding Centre, they need loving homes with volunteer Puppy Raisers.  

Image of the Breeding Centre exterior which features a depiction of a unicorn

The story of the unicorn

The enchanting unicorn on our Breeding Centre is in memory of a major supporter who helped fund the centre’s redevelopment. Unicorns had long been very close to her heart, as they reminded her of the endless opportunities and adventures possible in life to those who believe in themselves.

Through the unicorn, her legacy now features proudly on the side of our Breeding Centre to represent her free spirit, and will live on through our community. Find out more about leaving your paw print with Guide Dogs.

Our breeding program

Every pup is born with the essential characteristics it needs to eventually become a great Guide Dog, thanks to the high standard of our specially selected Breeding Dogs.

From time to time we also source parent dogs from a special network of international Guide Dog schools. We are proud to be an internationally recognised Guide Dog provider and these worldwide partnerships ensure we can maintain strong breeding lines and our world class lineage.

Support our dogs, support your community!

By getting involved in our community, you’re helping us to provide life-changing services to help more people remain independent and active.

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Become a Puppy Pal

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