The latest updates for Queenslanders with low or no vision

We receive regular advice from government departments, local councils and transport bodies about changes and outages that affect members of the  community who have low or no vision. This page will be updated as we receive any new information affecting those with low or no vision across the state, and to share some of the latest updates from Guide Dogs Queensland of interest to our clients.

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Roma Street station lift closures Thursday 22 and Friday 23 March

Please be advised that Queensland Rail will carry out essential maintenance on the lifts at Roma Street station between 8am and 4pm each day. Lift maintenance work will be carried out consecutively,  with only one lift out of service at any time.

Customers are advised to use the escalators or stairs during this time. If this is not suitable, customers can use an alternative platform and change to their desired services at Central, South Brisbane or Milton.

Update received from Queensland Rail 15/3/2018

Central Station / ANZAC Square Arcade escalator overhaul works

Please be advised that major overhaul works will commence this week on one of the escalators at the Edward Street entrance to Central station, providing access between the outer concourse and ANZAC Square Arcade subway.

This work is expected to be underway for several weeks. Due to the location of the escalator pit, temporary safety fencing will encroach upon the far end of the directional tactile ground surface indicator layout. Queensland Rail station staff will be monitoring the area to provide assistance to customers with vision impairment if required, however all customers are advised to take extra care in this area while the temporary fencing is in place.

For assistance with access, please contact station staff, call 13 16 17 or text 0428 774 636.

We will provide further information as the work progresses and it becomes available.

Update received from Queensland Rail 10/1/2018

Trial of New Bus Stop blade ID Braille and Tactile Numbers – Now Installed

Translink is trialling tactile numbers, Braille and QR codes on bus stop blades at selected Brisbane CBD locations as per the email below the signature block.   The intention is to identify each bus stop blade by its number in both raised format and Braille.  The QR code goes to the timetable information on the Translink website.  Feedback on the trial is welcome and can be sent to

The tactile numbers are located on the edge of the blade facing the building frontage at about 1200 mm above footpath level.  The raised number is located above the Braille.  The QR code is directly below the Braille.  The Braille is identified by the standard raised half-moon (semi-circle).

Update received from Brisbane City Council 1/11/2017

Extension of VITP Expiry date to 10 years

TransLink have changed the expiry date on the Vision Impairment Travel Pass (VITP) from 5 to 10 years.

Update received 23 October 2017.

Security Bollards in Queen Street Mall

Bollards have been installed at all four ends of Queen Street Mall to prevent unauthorised vehicle entry. The Braille trail is clear but the bollards come within 600 mm of the edge of the trails. Warning tactile ground surface indicators have been installed to alert Braille trail users of the bollards’ location. These indicators are the temporary glue down variety that sit on the pavement rather than being embedded in it. Care should be taken with the white cane at the transition from the permanent to the temporary tactile indicators.

Update received 11 September 2017.