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Not all of our dogs become Guide Dogs, but our Pets as Therapy program gives these wonderful pups a second chance at changing lives. As Therapy dogs they can provide support for people with mental, emotional and behavioural conditions, illnesses and physical disabilities.

Often children, families and individuals in need of this support are isolated and excluded just for being different.

Through our Pets as Therapy program, we can give these people the opportunity to be matched with a life-changing companion who can help them feel a part of their community again.

Thanks to our generous supporters, we have been able to match five-year-old Artie with our first Therapy Dog ‘Esme’.

“From the second Artie laid eyes on ‘Esme’, he fell in love. He happily walked her around the Guide Dogs’ site. It was probably one of the first times Mark and I have seen him walk straight back confidently,” Artie’s Mum, Katie said.

Before being matched with ‘Esme’, Katie explained how accessing the community was an enormous challenge for her family. Already, having ‘Esme’ by their side when they are out in public has helped the family to break down social barriers that previously felt insurmountable.

‘Esme’ helps to deflect the attention away from Artie’s diagnosis and ‘Esme’ has already become a much loved member of our community.”

The Pets as Therapy program has already changed the lives of Australian families, including Artie’s, and with your help we can expand it across Queensland.

Your support truly makes a world of difference

Your support has helped Artie and his family overcome isolation

Your support has helped Artie and his family overcome isolation

For five year old Artie and his family, simple outings into the community can often turn into a nightmare.

Artie has autism, meaning he needs substantial support and care from his family at all times. Social interaction and social cues can be difficult for him, and for parents Katie and Mark, seeing their child so openly excluded is extremely difficult.

With the help of Artie’s Pets as Therapy dog ‘Esme’, Artie and his family have the chance to feel like a part of their community again.

Artie now has a loyal best friend to support him through overwhelming situations and Katie and Mark are be able to watch their son explore the world with confidence.

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Your support has helped Esme complete her training

Your support has helped Esme complete her training

Not all of our dogs become Guide Dogs. Some are suited to a slightly different career path.

Watching ‘Esme’ in training, her trainers knew that she would make the perfect therapy dog. Her affectionate, playful personality meant that she wasn’t quite the right fit to be a Guide Dog, but she had the perfect traits for a therapy dog.

Thanks to our generous supporters, enough funds have been raised to help ‘Esme’ finish her training and be matched with Artie.

Now we just need to raise $92,500 to officially launch the Pets as Therapy program and give more Queensland families the chance to feel a part of the community again. By lending support today, you can help to change lives.

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