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‘Bea’ is a very fun-loving puppy – in the absence of playmates she will throw toys around for herself so that she can run after them. She does not enjoy walking on the wet grass after it’s been raining. ‘Bea’ has been learning to walk up and down stairs and has been practicing the ‘down’ and ‘stay’ commands.




‘Bernie’ is generally calm, gentle, sensible and mature but she does have a silly streak – any mention of the word “dinner” and her excitement can hardly be contained. She has been practicing her basics (sit, down) and visiting lots of new places, including a recent trip to the train station for the first time. When ‘Bernie’ isn’t out training she prefers to spend her time stretched out on her back sleeping, playing, chewing toys, in the sun or snoring on the floor of the car.



‘Bosley’ loves visitors. When there is a knock at the door he is the first one there, waiting expectantly to see who is visiting. Guests are always greeted with a lick on the leg or foot. ‘Bosley’s’ friendly nature means he is having trouble ignoring other dogs when out and about but his Raiser is confident he will overcome this soon. He easily performs all of his commands including ‘sit’, ‘down’, ‘wait’ and ‘stay.’



‘Brock’ is a cute black puppy, always willing to please and is a very quick learner. So much so, he works very hard to overcome any concerns he has, simply to please his Raiser. Lately, ‘Brock’ has learnt how to tackle long travelators in shopping centres and now quite enjoys riding on them. Over the summer, ‘Brock’ has had an itch which we are helping to settle for him.


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