‘Bea’ is currently in the development stage of training, with her understanding of the guiding role growing.  She’s starting to make decisions and problem solve with reduced levels of support from her trainer. Already ‘Bea’ is stopping for kerbs, doors and stairs without any handler support. She can also locate travelators, zebra crossings, chairs, lifts and escalators. She really enjoys the training process and is very excited to see her trainer at the start of every day. Aside from work, her favourite past times include playing tug with her kennel mates ‘Cole’ and ‘Hamish’ as well as getting a chance to stretch her legs in the free run. She is a very nice, gentle natured dog who has shown steady progress.



‘Bernie’ is a sweet yellow female Labrador Retriever also in the development stage of her training. She is always willing to please and performing well in resisting distractions. Although lacking a bit of confidence at the beginning of training, she has improved considerably and continues to do so on a daily basis. When ‘Bernie’ gets the chance to relax away from training, she still loves a good snooze and stretching out in the sun. Not a bad way to spend a day.


‘Bosley and Brock’

’Bosley’ and ‘Brock’ have been withdrawn from the Guide Dog Training Program and have been rehomed as a pet with a loving family.


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