Workplace Giving is a win-win-(win!) for your organisation, employees and the causes you care about

‘Giving back’ aren’t just buzzwords…it is an expectation of today’s employers and a way to create a positive culture in your workplace.

Workplace Giving is a meaningful way to boost employee engagement and empower your people to support worthwhile causes such as Guide Dogs Queensland, through easy giving, gift matching and volunteering.

A monthly donation of money, time or pro bono activities is a commitment to provide significant and lasting change for Queenslanders with low or no vision. Your support can make a real difference, for you and for the people you will help.  

Why workplace giving?

Benefits for you and your business

Workplace Giving is one of the most effective ways to increase staff engagement. When you’re supporting a cause you care passionately about, the work you do becomes so much more important. Engage in Workplace Giving and foster an environment of greater productivity, positive staff morale and less turnover. Make a real social impact and build your reputation by aligning your brand with Australia’s most trusted charity.

Benefits for your staff

By supporting Guide Dogs through Workplace Giving, your team can feel like they’re working together to make a big difference in your community. Not only are employees given the chance to give in a smarter way, they also build a sense of pride in their workplace and feel assured they are part of a company that cares.

Benefits for Queenslanders with low vision

Every donation we receive through Workplace Giving helps to ensure our services reach those who need them the most. Through the ongoing support of your business, more Queenslanders can enjoy the freedoms many of us take for granted, like continuing to work, taking care of family and getting around their community safely.

An easy way to make a difference

It’s a great feeling knowing your generosity is helping to empower Queenslanders and create lasting change. But in a busy world it can feel even better when you can do so in a way that’s simple to run and set up, whether you choose to do so in house or through a third party.

Image of a woman crouching beside her black Guide Dog

Guide Dogs is such a fantastic organisation helping those in need. Workplace Giving is such a simple and easy way for me to show my support, and what’s even better is my company matches my donations dollar for dollar.

Workplace Giver at Telstra

Double the difference when you match your employee’s donation

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Step 1

When someone gives $20

The generous donation is deducted straight from your employee’s pay, so it’s easy for them to make a difference every pay cycle.

Step 2

It only costs them $12.60*

A donation through Workplace Giving is taken from pre-tax salary, meaning the tax benefit is received straight away.

*Exact figures are dependent on the individual’s ATO personal tax bracket

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Step 3

If you match their $20

Matching an employee’s donation not only shows them you have the same values, it helps their contribution go even further.

Step 4

Guide Dogs Queensland receives $40

The support we receive from you and your employee goes straight towards providing our vital services to people in your community.

It’s easy to get started

Depending on your organisation size, you can set up direct donations through Payroll or use a third party service.

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Help Guide Dogs Queensland in other ways

As a business, you and your team can give back to Guide Dogs Queensland in a variety of ways.

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Become a corporate partner

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Host a Collection Dog

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