Your legacy can transform someone’s life

Our life-changing services would not be possible without people like you. Some choose to help by volunteering time, some donate money and others remember Guide Dogs Queensland in their Will.

Leaving a gift in your Will is an easy and meaningful way to show your compassion and support. A gift doesn’t have to be a large sum of money, as the true gift is the legacy you leave behind to help more Queenslanders with low or no vision for many years to come.

Anyone can leave a gift in their Will. Choosing to do so is easy, but it will make the world of difference to people in need.

Celebrating our donors

Legacy gifts are invaluable to Queenslanders with low vision. No matter how much you are able to give, every dollar really counts.

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John Farrell’s legacy lives on

How to leave a gift in your Will

Remembering Guide Dogs in your Will is easy, and it will make the world of difference to people in need.

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Step 1

Contact our team

We can provide all the information you need to make sure your intentions are fulfilled. We would also love to thank you for thinking of us.

1800 810 122Contact us online
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Step 2

Discuss with your legal advisor

Consult your legal advisor to ensure the option you have chosen best reflects your intentions. We recommend you seek the qualified advice of an independent solicitor or legal advisor before making or revising your Will.

Are you a solicitor or legal advisor? Refer to our Will wording for more information.

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Step 3

Tell your family and friends

We are grateful for any gift you are able to leave us once you have taken care of your family and friends first. It’s important to discuss your gift with your loved ones to ensure they understand and support your reasons for choosing to help Guide Dogs in such a powerful way.

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Guide Dogs Queensland offers a free Will Service to help you through the process and can put you in touch with a trusted solicitor convenient to your location.

Call 07 3500 9001 to make an appointment

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“We wouldn’t be able to operate without the generous legacy gifts that are left to us. It’s a gift that lasts for generations and touches the lives of all the Queenslanders we help.”

Major Donor and Partnerships Manager

Types of gifts in Wills

There are many ways you can choose to leave a gift in your Will and we are extremely grateful for any contribution you are able to make, great or small. A few options that may suit your preferences and individual circumstances include:

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Residual legacy

A residual legacy is a portion of your estate, or the balance remaining after loved ones and expenses are covered.

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Specific amount of money

This type of gift is sometimes called a pecuniary legacy, which allows you to nominate a specific amount of money.

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Specific items of value

Anything of value, such as property, shares, stocks, bonds, jewellery or works of art, may be specifically named in your Will and given directly to Guide Dogs Queensland.

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Not sure?

We recommend that you seek the advice of an independent solicitor or qualified legal advisor before making or revising your Will. You should also seek qualified advice before choosing executors to administer your estate.

Will Wording

To ensure your intentions are correctly followed, it is important to word your Will or codicil correctly. The suggested wording for your gift is set out below.

“I bequeath [ ___ percent of my residual Estate / the sum of $ ______ / specific item(s) _____ ] to Guide Dogs for the Blind Association of Queensland free of all duties and I declare that the receipt of the Chief Executive Officer of the said Association shall be a complete discharge to my Executors and Trustees for the moneys paid in accordance with this bequest.”

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Contact our friendly team

Michelle and our team are on hand to help or simply to talk about your plans. We can answer any questions you may have or discuss your ideas in complete confidence.

“No matter how big or small, every gift is invaluable. We are always here to discuss how your plan can make a difference to the lives of fellow Queenslanders.”

Michelle, Major Donor and Partnerships Manager
Call 1800 810 122
[email protected]
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