How much could you give to help adorable puppies become Guide Dogs?

A Puppy Pal is a valued supporter who makes regular donations, either every 4 weeks or annually, to contribute to the journey of our promising puppies as they work to become Guide Dogs.

Our new recruits need your help to have the best possible chance of changing the lives of people who are blind or have low vision. It takes over two years to raise and train these pups – a journey only made possible thanks to the support of people like you.

Support these special puppies and change lives

By becoming a Puppy Pal, you’ll play an invaluable role in the development of our Guide Dogs.

What you get as a Puppy Pal

By joining the Puppy Pals program, you give puppies the best possible start on their journey to becoming Guide Dogs. That’s pretty incredible on its own, but you also get all kinds of exclusive offers and opportunities like:  

  • A welcome pack with photos of your new puppies and some paw-fectly cute gifts
  • A copy of your litter’s birth certificate
  • Regular pup-dates on your litter’s progress
  • Access to members only online content
  • An exclusive Puppy Pals only event to meet the pups each year

What difference you make

Did you know it costs over $50,000 to breed, raise and train every Guide Dog? With less than 10% government funding, regular donations are our best chance to keep up with demand and place more Guide Dogs with the Queenslanders who need them.

That’s why we need generous supporters like you to become a regular giver through our Puppy Pals program.

It takes a lot of time, love, energy, training and money to help a puppy become one of the incredible Guide Dogs you see out working. Our Guide Dogs are always in demand, so it’s only with your ongoing support that we can continue to change the lives of Queenslanders with low or no vision.

Ready to feel all warm and fuzzy?

Enjoy the warm and fuzzy feeling of knowing your contribution is helping us raise the next generation of Guide Dogs that will change the lives of Queenslanders in need.

Become a Puppy Pal

Give a gift that keeps on giving, growing, playing, loving, cuddling and eventually graduating!

As a Puppy Pal, your contribution makes a difference from the moment your sponsored litter is born. Puppy training starts in the nursery just after birth, and it’s here you will get to see your first glimpse of the new puppies you support.

During their two years of training, the puppies rely on your generous support for vet care, vaccinations, toys and ongoing learning. You’ll get regular updates on how your litter is progressing until they are ready to be paired with a Queenslander in need.

A yellow Guide puppy with nature cartoons

'Z' Litter

Born October 2018

We're the adorable new recruits currently being raised by volunteer Puppy Raisers.

A young Guide Dog with cartoons around it

‘C’ & ‘K’ Litters

Born in 2016 and 2017

We’re really busy undergoing intensive Guide Dog training. Serious stuff!

A Guide Dog in harness with cartoons around it

‘T’ Litter

Born January 2016

We're the latest Puppy Pals graduates! We love working with our new handlers.

A retired Guide Dog with cartoons around it


Born 2010 or earlier

This is the life! We’re spending our golden years with a loving family.

Meet the puppies

Newborn pups

The ‘K’ litter

Born November 2017

‘Clifford’, ‘Kipper’ and ‘Kimba’ are starting training!

Three Guide Dogs in training coats

The ‘T’ litter

Born January 2016

The most recent graduates

Family with Guide Dogs staff member and puppy

Meeting the puppies

Supporters at our latest Puppy Pals Day

Puppy Pals have achieved some amazing things together this year

Every year, Puppy Pals supporters play a vital role in helping to fund the Guide Dog training program. Catch up on the latest year by numbers.

Yellow Guide Dog puppy
Black Guide Dog
Yellow Guide Dog

Puppies in the latest Puppy Pals litter


Guide Dogs placed with Queenslanders


Puppy Pals pooches graduated as Guide Dogs


Volunteers supported our dogs


Puppy Pals attended exclusive events


New Puppy Pals joined the program

Make a real difference to Queenslanders in need

Our new recruits have big paws to fill but they can’t do it without you! Your regular contribution means more puppies will be placed with Queenslanders who are blind or vision impaired, helping them to live more independent and active lives.

A Guide Dog in harness at a train station
As a Puppy Pal, you’ll play a very important part in helping more puppies become Guide Dogs, like ‘Tatum’ from the ‘T’ litter. Now he’s all grown up and graduated he’s making a big difference to his handler every day.
Puppy Pals Coordinator

Want to find out more?

Rachel, our Puppy Pals Coordinator, is on hand to talk about how you can help Guide Dog puppies play, learn and grow.

“The journey of a Guide Dog would not be possible without people like you. I can’t wait to talk to you about the difference you can make to our promising puppies!”

Rachel, Puppy Pals Coordinator
Call 1800 810 122
[email protected]
Guide Dogs team member is holding a black Guide Dog puppy

Help Guide Dogs in other ways

We truly appreciate any support you can provide, whether it’s a donation of time or money.

Black Guide Dog puppy

Give a one off donation

Black Guide Dog puppy sitting

Raise a puppy

Two volunteers smiling

Volunteer with us