favicon November 2014


‘Carlos’ is a very big boy. Once the smallest of the litter, he has now had a major growth spurt. ‘Carlos’ is a sweet, low key pup who loves to sleep. As a result, he is excellent in social situations, sleeping soundly at cafes and restaurants. ‘Carlos’ loves going out and about for a walk, walking calming in any environment without issue. However, he is a sensitive boy so he needs to be told he’s doing well regularly.






‘Cathie’ is a confident, easy going pup. She loves going for  walks and is currently learning to ignore other dogs that pass by her. She is almost always calm and relaxed and is mature beyond her years, although she can be cheeky if the opportunity arises. ‘Cathie’ lives with two other dogs that she loves to pester for a play and a game of chasing.







‘Chance’ is growing into a very large puppy and is progressing well in the Puppy Development Program. He is easy to manage in all social situations and loves taking part in training activities. ‘Chance’ is excellent around the home and is very friendly to everyone he meets.








‘Cruz’ is a gentle giant who is affectionate and very confident. He is laid back and barely gets distracted by anything he encounters while out on his walks. ‘Cruz’ is currently learning to walk past other dogs without getting distracted, which he does very well. ‘Cruz’ loves playing with his Puppy Raiser’s pet dog and always has a toy in his mouth ready for fun and games.


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