C Litter

favicon Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever X  |  Born:  20 June 2013  |  Parents: ‘Bindy’ and ‘Norm’



‘Carter’ has had a busy few months getting used to all the sights and sounds of the world.  He recently took his first trip on a train, taking the noise and movement in his stride to settle well at his Puppy Raiser’s feet, and has even become a real pro at riding the travelator at the local shops.  At home he’s learnt what can and can’t be played with around the house, sits patiently to wait for his meal, and loves a good fetch game, zooming around the garden with his favourite toy.



‘Clover’ seems to love the social scene, making daily trips to the local shops and even imagining her water bowl has the same taste as the cappuccino her Puppy Raiser sips at the local cafe.  Her obedience has developed quite rapidly and with several trips on the train, the bus, and even a car ride to check out the views of Mt Coot-tha under her belt, ‘Clover’ is well on her way to taking the next step to enter formal Guide Dog training in just a few months time.



‘Comet’ is a real softie who just loves his soft toys (unfortunately for his one-eared teddy bear and dolphin with fins but no tail).  He is a very bright dog with a beautiful nature and is well behaved.  His training is underway with a few trips to the shops completed and plenty of local sightseeing on walks, enjoying the sounds and smells of the coast.  ‘Comet’ – like most comets travelling through space – loves a bit of exploring in his own space, eventually finding a nice spot in the yard to chew on his bone.



‘Crosby’ has been progressing very nicely with his training and is learning to be more patient with his “waits” and “down stays”.  He has attended group walks and enjoys participating in group training sessions with the other puppies-in-training.  ‘Crosby’ likes going on trains and thanks to his love of tasty treats, has been responding well to walks around shopping centres and visits to cafes where there are distractions aplenty.  He also loves playing with his housemate and now best mate ‘Chelsea’ around his Puppy Raiser’s home. 


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