Loyal, faithful, intelligent and warm – the dog has long been man’s best friend.

For 30-year-old university student Jefferson Mac, this couldn’t be truer.

Image of a young man crouching beside his black Guide Dog

Jefferson isn’t alone

There are many more young people just like him that need your support. 

He was lost when his vision began to deteriorate.

“The emotional companionship Guide Dog ‘Ice’ provides is priceless. It’s very hard to have a bad day when you are greeted with the unconditional love of the most adorable dog in the world every morning,” Jefferson said.

Image of a black Guide Dog sitting on grass

“University is very busy and not the easiest place to navigate. Once ‘Ice’ has been taught the route though, he will just go there every time. It’s a lot easier getting around the campus with him helping me.

“He’s a great stress reliever too,” added Jefferson.

“When I’m getting stressed out with exam study, I will just call ‘Ice’ over and play with him for a few minutes. All my stress magically disappears, allowing me to attack my studying with renewed vigour.”

Jefferson was born with Congenital Glaucoma – a condition which made his eyesight deteriorate over the years.

He said: “Imagine driving through thick fog where visibility is down to only a few metres. That’s what it is like to look through my eyes.”

Having Guide Dog ‘Ice’ became invaluable for Jefferson.

Having Guide Dog ‘Ice’ has quickly become invaluable for helping Jefferson move safely around the crowded campus and get the most out of university life. 

Once I’ve finished this degree I want to move on to a two-year Master’s degree,” Jefferson said. “Then I hope to work as a rehabilitation psychologist, helping people with vision impairments and degenerative diseases.

Guide Dogs Queensland needs your help to provide more dogs like ‘Ice’ to people like Jefferson so that everyone in the community can have an equal chance of achieving great success. Please help us make more life-changing partnerships a reality here.

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