Marita is a mum of two who wants the freedom, safety and independence to bring up her children

When Ryan, Marita’s husband, experienced walking blindfolded with a Guide Dog, he understood how crucial a Guide Dog was to keep his wife safe.

Marita, now 34, was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa 17 years ago. She has tunnel vision and cannot see a thing at night. Her vision has worsened to the point where she is now legally blind.

Image of a woman crouching beside a yellow Guide Dog

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I couldn’t drive my children anywhere anymore

“When I was 30, it hit me. I’d become a mum of two and I couldn’t drive my children anywhere anymore. Taking them to the shops, to school or to birthday parties took a lot of planning, time and effort.

“I had to plan for things other mums wouldn’t even give a second thought.”

Image of a man and woman holding their two daughters and smiling

Marita will have to wait for months before a dog is trained and matched to her, but knowing that we can start the training today will give her hope and confidence in the future.

A Guide Dog will give Marita the independence, safety and pace of life she requires to travel, work, and look after her young daughters.

A Guide Dog will help Marita live her life the way she wants to – and not be limited by her vision impairment any more than she has to.

“As my eyes get worse and my kids get older, I find that I’m having to make the transition from the white cane to a Guide Dog. I need to be able to move as freely and as quickly as possible.

“I understand my limitations but I still want to do everything I can to make life as normal as possible for my children.”

Walking to school is a three kilometre round trip. Using a cane for that much distance can be taxing for Marita, especially with two young children to look after. Marita’s daily, essential trips would be so much quicker and safer with a Guide Dog.

I realised how quickly and safely Guide Dogs move

Image of a woman kneeling on the grass with her young daughter and a yellow Guide Dog on either side of her

Marita has been working with Orientation and Mobility Instructor Vicki for a number of years and has recently started the transition from a white cane to a Guide Dog.

“A Guide Dog is going to allow me to be more independent. When I had my trial walk, I realised how quickly and safely Guide Dogs move.

“It would be hard without an organisation like Guide Dogs. To think there’d be no one to help you with a white cane or a Guide Dog. It would be hard to leave the house, to have a life.”

Without your support, we wouldn’t be able to provide mums like Marita with a trained Guide Dog. Thank you for making her dream a reality.

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