Before he was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration, Michael was initially unsure that anything was wrong with his vision.  

“I was actually out playing golf one day and I thought my vision seemed strange. I thought it was just the heat,” Michael said. 

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It was then Michael discovered his vision wasn’t alright.

“I thought it was alright but then I went to work at my family’s business and was driving down the street and it got worse.

“Everything started changing – telegraph poles and doors suddenly seemed really curvy, cars were pushed in and looked really tall. I actually said to my brother I need to go and see the optometrist.”

Image of an elderly man standing in a rotunda with his Guide Dog lying beside him

“I discovered I have Macular Degeneration in both eyes. In my left eye there’s no vision left. In my right eye I can see, but it’s blurry.”

Since losing his vision to Macular Degeneration over 15 years ago, Michael reached out to Guide Dogs. After months of training and assessment, he was placed with Guide Dog ‘Max’ and now the pair do more than ever before.

“I still go fishing with my mates and I like to play golf. ‘Max’ comes with us and he loves it! We even help to organise a golf charity day for Guide Dogs.”

With Guide Dog ‘Max’ by his side, Michael aims to continue independently doing the tasks we often take for granted, like going to the shops and maintaining his home.

I needed help with the little things. 

My main challenge is doing the little things like mowing the lawn, but Guide Dogs are great because they understand what I’m going through.

The partnership of Michael and ‘Max’ has only been made possible thanks to the support of people in the community like you. Thank you for your vital support.

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