An image of Linda, walking

Linda’s Story

  Linda always managed to cope with her low vision, until she realised she wanted the confidence she was lacking to be able to travel…

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Marita’s Story

Donate today. Marita is a mum of two who wants the freedom, safety and independence to bring up her children. When Ryan, Marita's husband, experienced… Read More »
Image Catiline with Guide Dog Kally.

Caitlin’s Story

Donate today. Caitlin is just 30 years old and has recently gone through the emotional journey of retiring her first Guide Dog ‘Kally’. Fortunately, a…

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Sarah & Guide Dog ‘Gabby’

Vision impaired since birth, Sarah was always able to manage on her own fairly well. Throughout her teenage years, Sarah used some of our counselling…

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Ben standing with his Goalball equipment

Ben’s Story

Even though Ben has been vision impaired since birth, this hasn’t stopped him from being a bit of a thrill seeker. Starting in high school,…

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Image of Tammy-Jo playing Swish

Tammy-Jo’s Story

Born with Arthrogryposis, she has had to endure 24 corrective surgeries on her legs to enable her to walk. At age 10, she suffered a…

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Image: Lauren sitting in cafe

Lauren’s Story

Imagine living your life in isolation. Feeling trapped and isolated without the ability to the same as others. This is how 18-year-old Lauren feels.

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Tracey and Gordon

Meet Tracey and ‘Gordon’

‘Gordon’ is not just Tracey’s new guide, but her new best friend as well. It’s frightening to think that for many in our community,

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