Are you looking for a fun new social activity to get involved in?

Social swish games are currently held onsite at our Bald Hills Breeding and Training Centre every Friday between 1pm and 4.30pm.

Swish is very similar to table tennis and air hockey, but modified for people who have low or no vision. The game is played on a table where the ball is hit under a tall solid net and must travel along the surface of the table. Competitors play by swishing a rectangular paddle to hit a ball that has bells in it to make it audible.

Everyone is welcome to join in the fun, regardless of their skill level or whether you are a current Guide Dogs Queensland client. First timers are always welcome too!

We are also looking for volunteers who may be interested in helping run the games by taking on roles like refereeing.

We hope you will come and join us soon for a game of swish! If you are interested in getting involved, please contact our Client Services team on 3500 9060.


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