Give the gift of mobility, independence and freedom

Your support will change a Queenslander’s life

Every dollar you donate directly supports Guide Dog Queensland’s services that equip, empower and educate Queenslanders who are blind or vision impaired, of all ages.

Guide Dogs Queensland receives less than 7% in Government funding for some specific rehabilitation services but no funding is provided for our Guide Dog training program. The vast majority of our services are funded and sustained by your donations and community support.

We supplement these costs with income derived from business initiatives such as telemarketing and merchandise, lottery ticket and wine sales alongside our community Op Shops.

It is only through your ongoing support that we can continue to provide our life-changing services to our clients at no cost.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Become a member of our Puppy Club

They say it takes a special puppy to become a Guide Dog – well I think I have that covered! My brothers and sisters do too and we’re willing to put in the time, the effort and the focus we need to become great Guide Dogs and help Queenslanders in need. We just need your help!

Did you know it costs over $35,000 for each of us to be trained? That’s an awful lot of doggy treats!

The easiest way you can help us on our journey is to sponsor our litter by becoming part of our exclusive Puppy Club.

That’s right, EXCLUSIVE!

As an exclusive Puppy Club member, you’ll get the inside word on our progress, the things we love the most, and even the challenges we face as we get ready for our formal Guide Dog training. You even get your own secret password to access parts of our website others can’t see – talk about exclusive privileges!


As a Puppy Club member, you’ll also receive:

  • A welcome letter
  • A birth certificate
  • A photo of your litter of puppies at 7 weeks
  • Our Puppy Club gift to you
  • A car bumper sticker
  • Puppy Pandemonium newsletter with updates on your litter
  • An ongoing warm, fuzzy feeling that you’re helping a warm and fuzzy litter of puppies grow up to be the next generation of working Guide Dogs.

Not bad hey? With your ongoing support, we know we can be the best that we can be and help change the lives of Queenslanders with low or no vision.

Puppy Club Frequently Asked Question

Who can join Puppy Club? Anyone can join, from individuals to organisations and businesses. Puppy Club sponsorship starts at just $21 a month! A Puppy Club sponsorship is also the perfect gift for someone you love.

Is my sponsorship tax deductible?  It’s definitely tax deductible and should be included in your tax return.

Does Guide Dogs Queensland receive any government funding for its dogs? We receive NO government funding and rely completely on the generosity of the community and business to pay for our entire Guide Dog program. Thanks to the community’s support, we are still able to provide our Guide Dogs for FREE to Queenslanders in need.

Can I cancel my sponsorship?  You can, but we’d be very sad to see you go! Just give us a call on 1800 810 122.

Can I visit my litter of puppies? No, Puppy Club sponsors receive updates on the progress of their litter through the Puppy Pandemonium newsletter.

Does every puppy in a litter become a Guide Dog?  No, only the best of the best puppies can become Guide Dogs. While all our pups are bred with great Guide Dog genes, each pup’s personality makes them different with some better suited to other working roles or as companions for people.

Can I name a puppy? You can provide name suggestions for our new litters through our Guide Dogs Queensland Facebook page. Just “Like” our page and keep an eye out for new posts so you can contribute your favourite names for consideration.

Want to do more to help?

We can tailor a support package to suit you with a range of options available on how you can support our colony. For example, you can have exclusive sponsorship of a litter where you can name a puppy and follow all your puppies’ progress from birth to graduation. You can also sponsor one of our colony’s Mums or Dads and receive updates on the new litters they help bring into our colony.

It takes nearly two years and costs over $35,000 to produce each high quality Guide Dog. Our training doesn’t stop, so it’s only with your ongoing support that we can continue to provide these life-changing dogs to Queenslanders in need.

Please contact us on Freecall 1800 810 122 for more information.

Leave your paw print

Our operations are supported by people like you. Some volunteer time, some donate money, and others remember Guide Dogs Queensland in their Will.

Guide Dogs Queensland services blind and vision impaired Queenslanders from our head office in Brisbane and offices in seven regions across the state.

A gift, left in your Will, to Guide Dogs Queensland is a meaningful way of showing compassion and support.

A bequest to Guide Dogs Queensland is a way you can ensure Queenslanders with vision impairment and blindness continue to undertake the journey to independence.

Donate through your pay

Not everyone has the time to volunteer or fundraise for Guide Dogs Queensland but still want to contribute in a direct way. Workplace Giving is an easy yet powerful way to show your support for fellow community members living with low or no vision.

The security of receiving regular donations allows us to plan our Guide Dog breeding program, make long-term commitments to statewide programs and reduce costs so that more funds are directed into services.

How it works

  • 100 per cent of your donation goes to Guide Dogs Queensland;
  • You will not have to collect, keep or claim receipts; and
  • Your donation will be processed through your pay and you will get an immediate, guaranteed tax deduction.

Where does your money go?

Guide Dogs Queensland offsets operational costs with income derived from business initiatives such as Lottery ticket sales.

All contributions you make to Guide Dogs Queensland will directly benefit Queenslanders seeking our services.

Our services include:

  • Guide Dogs
  • Orientation and Mobility
  • Long Canes, Electronic Travel Aids, Ultra Canes, and GPS systems
  • Special Education for Children
  • Transition Programs for Young Adults
  • Counseling and Low Vision Clinics.

More information

To find out more, contact our Workplace Giving Coordinator to arrange a presentation at your workplace and meet a Guide Dog-in-training!

Collection Dogs

Our Collection Dog Program offers another way for the community to raise much needed funds for Guide Dogs Queensland. You might be familiar with our iconic Collection Dogs already as we have several thousand of them placed throughout Queensland.

As a member of the community you can place a donation in one of these dogs or as a business you can help to support the program by taking on one of these dogs.

Do you want to take on a Collection Dog?

We have two sizes available, small counter dogs and large free standing dogs.

Small Collection Dogs: Our small dogs are approximately 28cm tall and can be placed in a location you feel will be accessible to members of the public. One suggestion is at point of sale.

Large Collection Dogs: Our larger dogs are approximately 85cm tall and are suitable to be placed where most traffic flows through your store, e.g. inside doorways at a supermarket.

Our Collection Dog Program is of no cost to a business to take on. All care and maintenance of the dogs will be provided by Guide Dogs Queensland collection officers who also routinely empty the dogs of funds collected. Our officers always carry identification with them and wear the Guide Dogs Queensland uniform so they are easily identified.