“Confidence, freedom and independence. That’s what having a Guide Dog would mean to me.”

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At just 23, Ebony has never known life without vision impairment.

Diagnosed with degenerative eye condition Retinitis Pigmentosa when she was only two years old, Ebony’s vision rapidly declined in her teenage years and she now has less than 1% of vision remaining.

Ebony had no choice but to learn to use a white cane to help her get around, but it still limits the way she is able to live her life.

As a young woman who just wants to be independent, she is forced to rely heavily on others to get to where she needs to go safely. She even requires support just to be able to do something as simple as exercising, as her cane does not provide her with the level of mobility and awareness of her surroundings she needs.

Ebony is waiting for a Guide Dog to be trained to help her find independence and reach her full potential. Your support will help her experience the freedom that she deserves as a young woman with the world at her feet.

‘Hollie’ is a dog in our training program that has been identified as being the perfect match for Ebony. But we can’t make this incredible partnership become a reality without your help.

‘Hollie’ can change Ebony’s life but she can’t do it without you. Please donate today to help us complete ‘Hollie’s’ training and allow Ebony to experience a brighter future.