Enablement Dogs

Dogs make excellent companions for humans, helping lift moods and reduce stress. The bond that forms between dog and owner is unique and can assist with building a positive attitude, confidence and independence in the handler.

Guide Dogs Queensland provides Companion & Facility Dogs to assist individuals with specific health-related conditions who may benefit from the services of a companion dog. These dogs can act as a bridge between the user and society, assisting to reduce stress by helping to calm and ease anxiety.

Companion & Facility Dogs can help users participate in social and leisure activities by reducing the stress of new adventures, social interactions and changes to environment.

Guide Dogs Queensland provides Companion Dogs to families who have a child or family member with a disability or to people who may benefit from having a dog around the home.

We also provide Facility Dogs to organisations whose facilities care for people with a disability, aged care or people who may benefit from a dog’s companionship in their daily life.

Although these dogs do not have public access they can greatly assist the family by providing comfort, therapy both physical and mental by daily interaction of grooming, playing, or stroking as well as promoting overall well-being and communication for family members needing support.

Applications are currently open for both Companion and Facility Dogs.

To find out more about our Enablement Dogs Program please contact Guide Dogs Queensland or visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.