James with his dog

James with his dog

Last Christmas we shared with you the story of young James, who at just three years old lost 95% of his vision and the majority of his hearing due to a rare blood cancer.

Eight years on, James has received white cane training and attended six Children’s Group Mobility camps through Guide Dogs. Every time, he has come home feeling more confident with his skills and less isolated, as he gets to meet other children like him and feels he’s not the only one living with low vision.

Mum Vanessa said knowing the family has the support of Guide Dogs makes the world of difference.

“You manage, but it’s so much harder without Guide Dogs. It’s a relief to know that they’re there to lean on, that we’re not on our own,” she said.

James dreams that when he grows up he’ll own a Google self-driving car. However Vanessa prefers to dream of him owning a Guide Dog who will give him the safety, independence and confidence required to lead a full life.

Thanks to your generosity and support last Christmas, we’ll be able to continue providing kids like James and their families with the support they need this year and throughout their lifetime.

Thank you for helping us be there every step of the way for those who need us most.


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