Rehomed Guide Dog ‘Nissa’ and Josh

While we consider all of our puppies to be incredibly talented, not all are suited for working as a Guide Dog with Queenslanders who are blind or vision impaired.

Puppy Raising and Ambassador Coordinator Nicci Cahill said that while every pup is assessed for how suitable they are for the program the ones that don’t make the cut are given a loving and caring home.

“Families that want to adopt a Guide Dog puppy have to meet a set of criteria, like allowing the dogs to live and sleep inside the home because that’s what they are accustomed to and they must also have a secure yard for them to play in,” said Nicci.

“The pups also need to be matched with the families. We have a long waiting list and it’s important that we choose families that will complement our dog’s personalities. We consider every match a success because we know that they’re going on to their loving forever homes.”

“We also have a program where we place dogs with selected families who have a child or an adult with a disability. While these dogs don’t have public access rights they can go on to create a special bond with people who can benefit from having a loving and obedient pet around.”

While our rehoming wait is closed due to incredible success of our most recent Guide Dog training, another way you can help is by applying to become a Puppy Raiser. Click here to find out more.


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