favicon ‘G’ Litter Born 2015

GDQ_GraysonHi, I’m ‘Grayson’.

I’m here to chat to you about my role as a ‘G’ litter puppy from Guide Dogs Queensland. Can I start by saying that I’m pretty sure the ‘G’ stands for Gorgeous!

I’m the brave boy of the pack, willing to take on any challenge and master it. In fact, I’m now known as the king of travelators. Neighbourhood walks are definitely my favourite training activity though! I especially love when I get to stop at a cafe with my Puppy Raiser and just watch the world go by. I’m really looking forward to tackling all of the exciting challenges I come across over the next 3 months as I continue to work towards starting my official Guide Dog training! It might sound a little scary, but I reckon I’ll manage it. I’ve heard they’ve got really top-notch trainers at Guide Dogs Queensland to help me succeed.

My ‘G’ litter siblings and I have been very lucky to receive the suppawt you’ve given us. Thanks for helping us along the way!


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