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‘Gilligan’ is a lanky, fun loving pup who is very gentle and sweet. He is currently learning how to ride on public transport, which he finds fun. He is keen to please his Puppy Raiser and loves to play around the house. He is a sensitive boy so he needs a lot of support when he is out on his walks and in new places. ‘Gilligan’ is bright boy and is quick to learn new tasks.






‘Granger’ is a very intelligent and happy puppy who loves getting out and about with his Puppy Raiser. He is confident and attentive to his Puppy Raiser and is a pleasure to be around. ‘Granger’ loves to go to Sanctuary Cove on the Gold Coast for a coffee and is always very well behaved.







‘Grayson’ is a confident and sweet puppy. He is  a bright boy and willing to please his Puppy Raiser so he learns new tasks very quickly. ‘Grayson’ recently learnt how to ride on the train and he will soon be introduced to bus travel. ‘Grayson’ walks happily in shopping centres and on residential walks from the home and has also learnt to settle in social situations like cafes and restaurants. ‘Grayson’ is a playful puppy who loves meeting up with other pups at Guide Dogs Queensland for a free run and play.





‘Griffen’ is a sweet and sensitive puppy who is slowly growing in confidence. He is very settled and happy in his home and loves getting cuddles from his Puppy Raiser. ‘Griffen’ loves carrying around a very large stuffed toy cow in his mouth and happily greets people at the front door with it.





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  1. I saw the article re; glitter for names.
    here is a list of boys names: Girls names:
    Gil means devoted. Galena means calm healer
    Gilbert meams trusted. Gasha means kind.good
    Gale means happy. Gidget means cute
    Ghandi means great. Grischa means watchful
    Gallagher means eager helper. Gudrun means good friend,devine wisdom.

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