Everyone deserves a life of independence and opportunity.

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‘Steffi’ changed Bec’s life forever. Let’s change more lives together.

We have been hoping to match Bec with Guide Dog ‘Steffi’, and thanks to the support of the generous community like you, we’ve been able to do just that!

For Bec, her journey with vision impairment started at birth, but despite having very little vision, she went on to accomplish incredible things. However when Bec was only 25 years old her retina detached and suddenly she was left with no vision at all.

After years of suffering depression and isolation, Bec made the life-changing decision to apply for a Guide Dog.

The moment Bec found out her new Guide Dog was ready for her was one she’ll never forget.

“I was on holiday when I got a call from my instructor, Melissa. She said, ‘We’ve got a dog for you, her name is ‘Steffi’ and we’d like you to come and meet her’. That was a pretty cool call to get.” Bec said.

When Bec and ‘Steffi’ met it was immediately obvious the pair were a sound match. In the short time since being paired with ‘Steffi’, Bec has already regained confidence and the match has given her the independence to go about her life.

Bec is now enrolled at the Sunshine Coast University studying a Bachelor of Information Technology. With ‘Steffi’ by her side, Bec hopes to use her degree to develop adaptive technology that will help others experiencing similar struggles with blindness and low vision.

Blindness doesn’t discriminate – it can happen to anyone at any time.

You might be surprised to know that there are currently 38 more Queenslanders like Bec on our waiting list for a Guide Dog, hoping to receive the independence they need to open up their future.

Everyone deserves the chance to live their life to the fullest, no matter what barriers they’ve faced previously.

Please help us change more lives. You can make a difference.