Artie became the first person to be matched with a dog through our newly established Pets as Therapy program.

“From the second Artie laid eyes on ‘Esme’, he fell in love.” – Katie, Artie’s mum

From this very moment, Artie’s mum Katie knew a therapy dog would change her young son’s life and since being matched, a very special bond has been formed between Artie and ‘Esme’.

Artie, who has been diagnosed with autism, used to struggle in social situations and crowds. Now, with ‘Esme’ by his side, Artie is calm, relaxed and even displaying confidence – something his Mum Katie never thought her son would be able to do.

Not all of our wonderful pups become Guide Dogs. Some have skills that are better suited to a slightly different career path. It’s these playful and gentle pups who make the perfect Pets as Therapy dogs for people in need of a loyal best friend to support them.

The primary role of a Pets as Therapy dog is to provide companionship and emotional support to an individual, family or a group of people. There has already been high demand for the program, which launched on 1 July. To help match more people across Queensland with their companion, please donate at

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