The Guide Dog harness has had its first major redesign in nearly 60 years, providing a better experience for both the handler and the Guide Dog.

Thanks to the support of a valued donor, Queensland Guide Dog handlers will be the first in Australia to receive and try out the new harness technology.

Guide Dog Services Manager Lee Buckingham said the new design was based on a harness used by the Dutch Guide Dog school, KNGF, and adapted to fit the needs of Queensland handlers and their dogs.

“The design is a very lightweight leather body piece, with a carbon fibre handle,” he explained.

“The design is lighter for the dog and has less pressure points for sensitive dogs, while the handle is rigid and allows for the handler to have better control and a feel of the dog’s movements.”

The generous donor has enabled us to have enough harnesses for everyone in Queensland who currently has a Guide Dog.

New harnesses are being rolled out over the next few months and will be fitted by an experienced instructor.

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