Yellow Guide Dog in harness walking

Yellow Guide Dog in harness walkingWould you know what to do if you saw a working Guide Dog on the streets?

Guide Dogs are legally allowed to go everywhere their handler can, including shops, cafes and restaurants, public transport and taxis. So it’s likely you’ll come across a Guide Dog team out and about at some point!

Here are some handy tips to remember if you see a working team to help ensure our Guide Dogs can do their job effectively and keep their handlers safe:

  • Always introduce yourself to the handler first rather than speaking directly to the Guide Dog. Our handlers are usually more than happy to talk about their dog and are an important part of the team too!
  • If you need to interact with a Guide Dog for any reason, please ensure you check with its handler first.
  • If you think the Guide Dog or their handler needs assistance, please ask them before grabbing hold of them.
  • As tempting as it can be to say hello, please avoid patting, feeding or distracting a working Guide Dog in any way so they can stay focused.

Everyone in the community plays an im-paw-tant role in helping our Guide Dogs and their handlers get around safely. Thank you for helping our dogs do their job!


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