Black Guide Dog 'Carlos' is sitting on a yellow tyre
Black Guide Dog 'Carlos' is sitting on a yellow tyre
‘Carlos’ is enjoying his new suppawt role

Not every dog is destined to become a Guide Dog but ‘Carlos’ has found a new career that will help him make a difference in another way.

While his skills didn’t quite fit the guiding role, ‘Carlos’ had plenty of great qualities that made him paw-fect for a new role as part of our Client Engagement Team. He now helps to provide extra suppawt in counselling sessions, children’s, peer support and special education programs.

Guide Dog Mobility Instructor Jason said everyone who meets ‘Carlos’ loves him and the response has been amazing from both children and adults.

“‘Carlos’ brings a new level of motivation to people that they’ve never had before,” he said.

“We had one young client who didn’t want to learn how to use a cane because he thought other kids would make fun of him. His mum struggled to encourage him to come in to receive some help to use a cane.

“Then we asked him if he liked dogs – which of course he did – and we told him that he could come in and take ‘Carlos’ for a walk around while he was learning to use a cane.

“Now he wants to come in all the time and he learns how to use his cane at the same time.”

‘Carlos’ can also be used to help potential Guide Dog users try out the experience of having a Guide Dog. He is able to stay overnight with them so they can find out not only what it’s like getting around with a Guide Dog, but also what it’s like to care for the dog.

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