favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  28 November 2014  |  Parents: ‘Nellie’ and ‘Azter’


‘Carlos’ is a relaxed and easy going pup. He has recently been placed with his Puppy Raisers and has already made himself quite comfortable in their home. ‘Carlos’ learns new tasks very quickly. He is currently learning basic obedience responses and how to walk at ‘heel’ with the handler. ‘Carlos’ loves to play with his favourite rope toy in his spare time and he carries it with him wherever he goes around the house.





‘Cathie’ is a confident pup with a placid nature. She has quickly felt at home in her new environment with her Puppy Raisers. ‘Cathie’ now lives with her Puppy Raisers’ two pet Labradors – ‘Ava’ who is a brood for Guide Dogs Queensland and seven-year-old ‘York’. ‘Cathie’ is currently learning how to walk at ‘heel’ with the handlers, basic obedience commands and how to ride travellators.





‘Chance’ is a very laid back puppy who has recently been placed in his new home with his Puppy Raisers. He is settling in to his new home well and is very easy to live with. ‘Chance’ can be a bit cheeky at times and will try anything to get some love and attention from people when he wants it. ‘Chance’ loves playing with his toys, going on walks and having a nice long nap after his walks.






‘Cruz’ is a relaxed and easy going puppy. He has settled into his Puppy Raiser’s home nicely and has already formed a special bond with his Puppy Raiser’s Golden Retriever ‘Tom’. The pair are both gentle-natured and love to play so they get along very well. ‘Tom’ and ‘Cruz’ at clearly the perfect match! ‘Cruz’ has recently started learning how to ride the travellator and is progressing particularly well with his obedience.



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