favicon Labrador Retriever/Golden Retriever X  |  Born:  20 June 2013  |  Parents: ‘Bindy’ and ‘Norm’



‘Carter’ is a handsome young man with beautiful eyes.  He is growing well, gaining weight and looking very content. He is fit and enjoys his time on and off lead as he learns how to live in a home and ignore distractions. His favourite toy is his grey teddy bear, made especially for dogs, with a squeaky noise that lets everyone know he’s having some fun.



Clover has a loving and friendly personality and is very well behaved, despite her love of chewing – just ask her poor hippo toy. She enjoys a cuddle in the evening when being groomed and likes to lie at her handler’s feet when watching TV. ‘Clover’ has already displayed an inquisitive streak and is a fast learner. She does like to push the limits though and is always testing to see what she can do.



‘Comet’ is a friendly pup and is very well behaved in the home. He is quick to learn new tasks and always keen to please the handler. He loves chewing on the Nylabone and his favourite toy is a fluffy elephant (which is as nearly as big as he is). He loves to play with other dogs and enjoys chasey games.



‘Crosby’ is a fun, playful little character who loves a cuddle. With housemate ‘Chelsea’ by his side, he loves all his toys, and is especially fond of any toys that ‘Chelsea’ has.  ‘Crosby’ is currently exploring new territory with his handler, riding trains, visiting shops and even getting the chance to visit a restaurant or two to enjoy the atmosphere. 


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