favicon Labrador Retrievers  |  Born:  25 March 2015  |  Parents: ‘Beckie’ and ‘Queen’


‘Granger’ is a confident little pup who enjoys getting out and about. He is very attentive on lead and loves nothing more than hearing that he is a “good boy”. ‘Granger’ enjoys going to the local shops where he is learning how to settle and use the travelators. He adores belly rubs and playing with his favourite toy – Leo the Lion. 






Griffen 2‘Griffen’

Griffen’ is a very sweet pup who can be shy at times, so he is doing repeat routes to help build his confidence when out and about. ‘Griffen’ loves playing with his squeaky toys and to sleep with his cow pillow pet toy. 





‘Grayson’ is a very handsome boy with big brown eyes, just like his Mum ‘Beckie’. He walks very well on lead and is currently learning how to “wait” and hold a “stay” when he’s in the down position. He really enjoys his walks where he takes the time to explore and investigate his neighbourhood. 







Gilligan 2‘Gilligan’

‘Gilligan’ has just made the journey to go and live with his Puppy Raiser and one of the older pups in the program, ‘Melody’. His tail is already thumping at the idea of being introduced to the shops and neighbourhood walks in the coming weeks.



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