An image of Linda, walking


An image of Linda, walking

Linda always managed to cope with her low vision, until she realised she wanted the confidence she was lacking to be able to travel with her husband.

Diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa when she was just seven years old, Linda constantly has to adjust to a different level of vision as her sight will randomly decline, steady and then decline again.

“Today I can see something and it’s great and then tomorrow I might not be able to see it at all,” Linda said.

“It often makes you want to fall in a heap or sit in a hole and cry but then I just think this is my life and I need to do something with it.”

Linda reached out to Guide Dogs to gain the independence she needed to travel around Australia the way she wanted. It was then she met Orientation and Mobility Specialist Sam who introduced her to the Long Cane.

“I initially had very low expectations of using the cane but it has given me a lot of confidence and has really helped me more than I can say,” she said.

“You wouldn’t think that such a simple thing – a stick with a ball on the end – could make such a huge difference but it’s given me a lot of the freedom I thought I’d lost.

“I allowed my world to shrink and the cane’s opened it up again.”

Linda is now enjoying the freedom of travelling independently with her husband – with her trusty new cane in hand. If you or someone you know are losing your sight or have low vision, please visit or call us on 1800 810 122 to see what support is available.


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