Guide Dogs pup with collection dogs

We recently heard the story of little Saxon – a two-and-a-half year old who just loves our Guide Dog collection boxes.

In fact, putting money into our collection “doggies” is one of Saxon’s favourite things to do!

Whenever Saxon’s mum tells him they’re going down to the local shopping centre, Saxon asks “Doggy?” and then asks for “monies” so he can put a few coins into the collection dog at the shopping centre.

Saxon gets so excited when he hears the “clunk” noise that is made whenever he drops a coin into the collection dog, and always says “clunk” when the coin drops.

Saxon can spot our collection dogs from a mile away and doesn’t like to leave until he puts his “monies” into the dog.

We’re glad our collection “doggies” put a smile on Saxon’s face! If you can host a Collection Dog at your workplace, please Freecall 1800 810 122 or submit an online form here.


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