Photo of a black pup from the 'S' litter

Photo of a black pup from the 'S' litter

We’ve had some sweet new arrivals in our breeding centre that we’d love to introduce you to!

Earlier this year we were excited to welcome nine adorable black Labrador Retrievers to our colony. The five bouncing boys and four gorgeous girls were born to Mum ‘Elva’ and Dad ‘Morris’ and have made up our ‘S’ litter.

Being such a big litter, two of the puppies have gone on to make their paw print on the programs of Guide Dogs Victoria and New Zealand Assistance Dogs.

This was the second litter for both ‘Elva’ and ‘Morris’. ‘Elva’ is an excellent mum and an intelligent and willing dog with exceptional health.

She is complemented very well by the statuesque ‘Morris’, who is a very relaxed and affectionate dog. We hope the pups will benefit from these wonderful traits from their parents!

After lots of deliberation and help from our Facebook supporters, the pups were eventually named ‘Scooter’, ‘Stark’, ‘Shadow’, ‘Sansa’, ‘Steffi’, ‘Stella’ and ‘Sage’.

These puppies have now started on the next stage of their journey with their volunteer Puppy Raisers. They’re already busy undertaking lots of different experiences and getting used to new environments to prepare them for their formal Guide Dog training!

Thank you for helping promising pups like these ones on their journey to becoming life-changing Guide Dogs.

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