Last week we introduced you to the story of seven puppies who were fighting for their lives. This week we want to tell you a little bit about their inspirational mum ‘Nora’.

If you missed this first chapter, make sure to read it here first!

‘Nora’ holds a very special place in the Guide Dogs family and is known for her gentle nature and patience with her puppies.

For this reason, it was devastating for the team to watch ‘Nora’ arrive home the day after her delivery without her puppies in tow. The puppies were rushed to their ICU unit and ‘Nora’ was whisked back to Guide Dogs the next day to begin her own recovery.

To help her settle and to prepare for an unlikely miracle, the team enlisted the help of some hungry puppies and their mum ‘Rhythm’.

By nursing ‘Rhythm’s’ puppies, ‘Nora’ was able to keep her milk up and fill some of the space that would have been taken up by her own puppies.

Then, five days after the puppies were born, the team at Guide Dogs received a call they didn’t think they ever would.

‘Nora’s’ seven miracle puppies were strong enough to come home to Guide Dogs and be reunited with their mum.

While they needed a little help at first, the puppies eventually got the hang of suckling and both mum and pups settled in to their natural routine.

Thankfully, ‘Nora’s’ recovery was smooth and she was able to jump straight into her role of being a patient, dedicated mum!

But this incredible reunion would not have been possible without an incredible team of dedicated people. Join us next week for #miraclemondays to find out their story.

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