‘Ned’ loves to shop! He is on his best behaviour when at the local shopping centres and finds travelators an absolute breeze. Going for car trips is still a favourite activity for ‘Ned’ – who loves falling asleep with his head rested up against the front seat for extra comfort, or in between the seat and hand brake to give that nice “wrinkled” chin look. ‘Ned’ has grown up a lot over the past few months, enjoying regular outings and now sleeps in his big boy bed.



Loud noise can keep you awake, but for ‘Nessie’, it sends her to sleep! ‘Nessie’ recently attended a choir rehearsal with a full orchestra playing and amazed her Puppy Raiser by promptly falling asleep. Fortunately her snores were in time with the music. ‘Nessie’ has advanced well and now settles easily in public places, though her curious streak means she’s always keeping an eye on the activity around her.



It’s possible ‘Netty’ was a cat in a previous life, always enjoying a snuggle and making little noises when feeling content or having an ear rub. Her Puppy Raiser has noticed a notable distinction between “Working Dog Netty” and “At Home Netty”. With her Guide Dog jacket on, her behaviour changes and she’s not distracted by other activities around her. Once the jacket comes off though, Netty enjoys playtime and affection, and always loves her neighbourhood walks.



Like all teenagers, ‘Nieko’ just had to get a mobile phone. His is slightly larger than yours and mine and a little bit easier to chew, but hopefully will last just as long. ‘Nieko’ is a very confident pup that enjoys every mode of transport, and although it takes him a little while to settle, now really enjoys a trip to the cafe to socialise with his Puppy Raiser. He is very smart and cheeky, but also already accomplished in tasks required beyond his age.



‘Nigel’ loves a good nap – whether on trains, cars, or even friends’ feet during social occasions, this pup can sleep anywhere. He does get excited though and hates to miss out on anything that’s happening around him. Whether on neighbourhood walks, visits to the shops, or even having a play with the dog next door, ‘Nigel’ is well behaved and advancing well with his distraction training and socialisation.



‘Nora’ has the most beautiful brown eyes you’ve ever seen – and she knows how to use them. She’s advancing well in her training and visiting new places all the time, including the art gallery where the attendant rated her performance with a “ten out of ten”. ‘Nora’ has taken several trips on the train and handles the travel and noise with ease.



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