‘Ned’ is settling in nicely to his new home with his Puppy Raisers. His favourite spot in the house is curled up on his Raiser’s nice white rug – a spot he prefers infinitely better than the rug bought especially for him. During his outings he has been on the travelators at Toowong Shopping Centre and gone on lots of residential walks. ‘Ned’ can get distracted sometimes… usually by his own tail!



‘Nessie’ is settling in very well to her new home and always sleeps happily in her bed throughout the night. She is still very much a puppy with a bit of a cheeky streak (she likes to steal socks!) and loves nothing more than a nylabone smeared with Vegemite. ‘Nessie’ has become a star around Queensland after she featured in our 2013 Tax Time Appeal – the picture you see here is one we took especially for the letter.



‘Netty’ has two homes – her Raiser’s house and the motel where they work. She settles quickly in new places, especially in the busy motel office where she is oblivious to the constant bustle of activity and noises. ‘Netty’ has found a playmate in ‘Mango’, the next door neighbour’s Spoodle. Their favourite games are “run as fast as you can” and “let’s explore the garden”. When she’s at home Mr Bear and Mr Crocodile are her constant companions.


‘Nieko’ is a smart and confident pup, and is always eager to learn new things. He has already visited a few shopping centres, rode on the travelator and experienced a train ride. He is a little cheeky and will bark or whine if he’s not getting just the right amount of attention. He is spoiled for choice with a variety of toys but his favourite by far is Piggy. If his Raiser asks him to “find Piggy”, he will fetch it and use it as a pillow. Like ‘Ned’, ‘Nieko’ has a fascination with his own tail, which he will chase continuously if he catches sight of it from the corner of his eye.



Despite ‘Nigel’ trying to answer his Puppy Raiser’s mobile phone and destroying it in the process, he has been a welcome addition to their home. He is a quick learner that wins hearts wherever he goes because of his good behaviour. ‘Nigel’ has been visiting the shops often and took his first trip to the train station recently, which he seemed to enjoy. He has many four legged friends including ‘Wilson’ the Whippet from next door and ‘Possum’, and ‘Louise’ – Beagles that visit four days a week.



‘Nora’s’ Puppy Raiser enjoys her steady companionship around the house. She likes to sit at her Raiser’s feet – whether it’s under the computer desk at home or in a busy hairdressing salon. ‘Nora’ has settled in well and is quickly getting used to her training routine. She visits a nearby shopping centre regularly and practices her walking, turning and sitting. ‘Nora’ loves nothing more than a soft, squeaky toy or a trip in the car.



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