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Born: 5 June 2015

Parents: ‘Lulu’ and ‘Mark’

Nevada1Spring has sprung! ‘Nevada’ here.

I might be growing really big and strong but I’m still the same old sweetie at heart. My Puppy Raiser always says that I’m such a pleasure to live with and I’m pretty chuffed with that.

I feel like I’m extra lucky because my Puppy Raiser is just sooo nice and I also get to live with two other dogs! There’s nothing I love more than playing with my two buddies in the garden, but I do really love going for walks too.

I’ve got a good dose of curiosity which means I like to sniff out what’s going on if I see something new or run into someone I’ve never met before. My Puppy Raiser and I are practicing staying focused on my work, even if I see something that looks interesting! They say I do very well at recovering quickly and continuing on my way.

Thanks so much for all the suppawt you’ve given me during my training. It makes me feel much more confident knowing you’ve got my back!



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