Launched in conjunction with Queensland’s Disability Action Week (13-19 September), a new class focussed on the latest generation of mobile apps and navigation devices has commenced to make technology a faithful friend.

Participants in our new Smart Mobile Devices Program have the opportunity to learn how to maximise their mobility using a tool lots of people have with them all the time – their iPhone or iPad!

The program is run over two days, with participants taught tricks and tips on how to use their mobile devices as an assistive tool. They learn specific features on the devices to aid vision impairment, as well as other tools such as the MyTranslink app that help to increase independence and mobility.

Participants also have the opportunity to learn how to use their phone to connect to the new Step-Hear ® technology found in the Queen Street Mall and the King George Square Bus Station. You can learn more about the Step-Hear ® technology here.

Sharon Rogers took part in the first class and said it was definitely a worthwhile experience for people eager to learn more.

“I’ve had an iPhone for two years and I never even realised it had the ability to do what I can do with it now,” Sharon said.

“Learning all these new things will help even more with my mobility and compliment what I’m doing with my Guide Dog Polly.”

If you’re interested in participating in the Smart Mobile Devices Program, contact our Client Services team on 3500 9060.


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