A passion for helping others runs in the family for two of our newest Puppy Raisers.

Chloe Beadle and Georgie Osborn are two of Guide Dogs Queensland’s youngest Puppy Raisers. Chloe, 18 and Georgie, 19, have learned the ropes from their parents who have raised guide dogs previously. Now, the teens are taking on the very im-paw-tant role for themselves.

Chloe said she waited patiently for a year while her mum Melissa raised guide dog puppy ‘Zoe’.

Chloe kneeling on the grass with pup 'Vanda'.
Chloe and pup ‘Vanda’.

When pup ‘Zoe’ returned to Guide Dogs for her five-month formal training, Chloe, a nursing and paramedic student, was given the opportunity to raise her first pup – ‘Vanda’.

“I love being part of the dog’s journey as a volunteer Puppy Raiser. What I love most though is knowing that I am in a small way doing something that is going to really help someone who is blind or has low vision. That’s the best feeling.”

It was a similar journey for Georgie, who raised ‘Wally’ for the past two years with her dad, Roy.

“I loved being a part of Wally’s life from such a young age and seeing him progress through his training to become a qualified guide dog,” Georgie said.

The aerial trapeze artist is now raising five-month-old ‘Winnie’.

Georgie sitting on the grass with yellow labrador pup Winnie.
Georgie and ‘Winnie’.

“It’s amazing to be part of the puppies’ lives, but even more amazing knowing that these puppies you spend so much time with will go on to change someone’s life. You don’t get that opportunity every day.”

If you would like to find out more about becoming a volunteer Puppy Raiser, click here. 

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