‘Paddy’ has been progressing beautifully through training as he is a fast learner. He doesn’t like to spend too long doing one thing, perfecting tasks quickly so he can move on to the next challenge. While he has a bit of a lazy streak, his trainer is finding that he really enjoys trips on public transport and lots of coffee breaks so he can have a nap. ‘Paddy’ is well known for always having a serious look on his face no matter if he’s working or playing.



‘Polly’ is a bright, sweet and sensitive girl and is progressing well in building her confidence. Like ‘Paddy’, she is quick to learn new things and enjoys trips on public transport. She is being introduced to lots of new exercises in the early stages of her training including traffic awareness (learning how to stop for cars) and learning to work in harness. In between outings, ‘Polly’ spends the day playing with her two playmates ‘Rio’ and ‘Mia.’


‘Pablo and Petra’

‘Pablo’ and ‘Petra’ have both been withdrawn from training because they are sensitive souls that don’t have the confidence for a guiding role. They will be rehomed as pets in the coming weeks.


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