Hi pals, it’s ‘Cooper’ here!

My brothers and sisters and I are growing bigger every day and we’ve been really busy learning lots of new things in our puppy classes. I thought you might like to hear about what we’ve been up to!

I love coming along to our puppy training sessions because it means I get to have a great catch up with all my siblings. My brother ‘Chilli’ always thinks he’s the leader of the pack and races ahead of the rest of us. Meanwhile ‘Coral’ is usually too busy having a snooze. Every time she arrives at puppy training she’s just woken up from a nap! Pretty ruff right?

It’s paw-some to hear about all the adventures everyone’s been having. I love listening to their stories so much that I think it’s made my ears grow, because all the trainers at Guide Dogs have been calling me big ears! They keep saying I’ll grow into them but I know I’m paw-fectly cute just the way I am.

Black Guide Dog Puppy 'Cooper' is in a trainer's arms
Here’s me and my big ears!

Sometimes my brothers and sisters and I get told off for having too much fun and not concentrating, but I think that’s barking mad because we still manage to learn something new every week. I haven’t gotten the hang of all the tricks yet but practice makes paw-fect!

I thought you might like to see one of the tricks I’ve recently got down pat. One of the nice ladies at Guide Dogs taught me to run back to my Puppy Raiser when I was called and they all seemed pretty impressed with me when I did it.

Check it out and see what you think! Aren’t I such a good boy?

Lots of licks,


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