Chantel Dodd and her father Robert with one of our Guide Dog puppies

“Hi my name is Chantel I’m 8 and my most favourite thing in the world is reading. On my school holidays I am going to read as many books as I can to raise enough money to buy someone a new Guide Dog. We googled how much it will cost and it’s over $30,000 to fully train a puppy so Dad said I might need some help. So if you can help me the money goes to the Guide Dogs in Queensland. I have given my Christmas money to buy the new Guide Dog.”

Gold Coast primary school student Chantel Dodd has one main goal this year – she’s going to read as many books as she can to raise the funds needed to train a Guide Dog.

This inspiring eight-year-old adopted Guide Dogs Queensland as her charity of choice because of her love of dogs and what they can do to help people.

Guide Dogs Queensland CEO Barb Tasker applauded her initiative and willingness to support the charity.

“It’s a real rarity in this age of distractions and continuous activity to find a girl with such a drive to help make the world a better place,” Mrs Tasker said.

“Without any input or prompting from us, Chantel took on the initiative to establish her own fundraising page on the Everyday Hero website and is now actively promoting her project to achieve her goal.

“It’s fabulous to see the support she’s receiving and I’d encourage everyone to get behind her and make this project a great success.”

Chantel’s efforts have already received some recognition, with a feature on the Today Show and Channel Nine News.

Please support Chantel by visiting her Everyday Hero page.

If you would like to learn a bit more about Chantel and follow her journey, you can ‘like’ her Facebook page.

From all of us at Guide Dogs Queensland, we would like to give Chantel and her family a big thank you for all of the hard work they are putting in to help us raise the next generation of Guide Dogs.

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