130402 GDQ - Year 4-7 Camp 005

Last week some of our youngest clients in grades 4-6 enjoyed their break from school by having lots of school holiday fun with us!

While their parents were learning lots of important things about vision impairments and the resources and services available, the kids had some serious school holiday fun while learning and practising some essential mobility skills to improve their independence.

The kids on our Year 4-6 camp had the chance to play a variety of games including laser tag, visited Aussie world and even tried their hand at disability surfing.

We hope it was a holiday to remember for the kids on our camp. For more information on our children’s programs, please call (07) 3500 9060.


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  1. Hello,
    I’m enquiring about school holiday programmes on offer for Vision Impaired children.
    My granddaughter has previously been to QGD when she was about 3-4 for an introductory Children’s play.
    Her name is Isabella Stanfield, age 8 &1/2, grade 3.
    Was just wondering to get her involved with other children with similar disability, and some learnings,and although she goes to school, outside of school hrs, she leads a lonely life with just adults.

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