Clients from our Year 9-10 camp in Brisbane City
Clients from our Year 1-3 Camps with homemade chocolate crackles
Children and instructors baking up a storm at our Grade 1-3 camp

Over the school holidays our client residence was turned into a haven for school holiday fun for children who are blind or vision impaired.

We had two groups of children join us from around the state at our school holiday camps to learn more about mobility, make new friends and have a lot of fun in the process!

“The children really benefit from the time they spend with us as they get to learn the vital skills they need to improve their independence and grow their confidence through plenty of fun activities,” Orientation and Mobility Specialist Cathryn said.

“We also welcome the parents to join us on the camps for younger children. It’s a great opportunity for them to learn more about vision impairment, grow their own network of support and find out what services are available to them.”

The holidays kicked off with our camp for children in Grades 1-3 in the first week. While the parents were busy learning some important things to help their children with their development, the kids had a stack of fun!

They did some yummy baking, met some adorable Guide Dog puppies, took a day trip to Sea World and even tried paddle boarding! All fun these activities also allowed the kids to learn and practice essential mobility skills that will help improve their independence.

In the second week of holidays we welcomed some of our young clients in Grades 9-10, who were able to learn practical skills to help them grow into confident and independent adults. Throughout the week they worked as a group to plan and cook their own dinner and navigate the challenges of public transport to have a fun-filled scavenger hunt in the city.

We hope it was a holiday to remember for all our wonderful kids on the camps. For more information on our children’s programs, please click here or call 1800 810 122.

Clients from our Year 9-10 camp in Brisbane City
Exploring the Queen Street Mall on our Grade 9-10 camp

The school camp was partially funded by the ANZ Staff Foundation and the Queensland Government through the Department of Education and Training, Non School Organisations Program.



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  1. What a wonderful idea to organise this camp. The children did have a nice time. It’s very interesting that parents were invited as well, so what ever they learn at camp can be followed up at home.
    PS How do you finance this activity.

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