Experience the empowerment of independent travel

There are many kinds of tools and technology designed to support people who are blind or have low vision with independent daily living and travel.

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Tools to transform the way you travel

Finding the right ones for you could not only assist you with getting around your community safely, they can also help to open up new opportunities for social interactions, education and employment.

What is Assistive Technology?

The technology, devices and equipment available to support people with low or no vision to do things that are otherwise difficult or impossible for them are known as Assistive Technology. We provide and offer training in many forms of Assistive Technology to support you at home, school or in the workplace.

Who can receive help with Assistive Technology?

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Anyone, any age, any stage

Whether you have recently lost your vision or had vision impairment for as long as you can remember, Assistive Technology can help you.

The variety of Assistive Technology available today means they can be highly valuable for people with low or no vision at all stages of life. Throughout your life they can be an effective way of improving your communication skills, increasing your participation in the community and maximising your independence.

Assistive Technology training can be provided on its own but is often delivered in conjunction with skills training through our Occupational Therapy and Mobility programs.

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Where are the programs delivered?

Training in different forms of Assistive Technology is typically provided in conjunction with another program, like Orientation and Mobility or Occupational Therapy.

Depending on the level of assistance you require, you might:

  • Receive support within your home
  • Be part of lessons in your local community
  • Undertake training with your family or co-workers
  • Or take part in a group program held onsite at our Training Centre in Brisbane.

What skills could I gain from Assistive Technology?

There are lots of tools and technology available to assist people with low or no vision that we provide training for. Some of the most common include:

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Long Canes

Used to detect obstacles, changes in the path ahead and environmental features that can help you understand where you are.

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Identification Canes

Primarily designed to let others know the person holding the cane has reduced vision, which is useful for things like getting through crowds.

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Support Canes

Useful for people who experience problems with their balance when walking, as well as making you more visible and safe in low light.

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Guide Dogs

The optimal aid to provide fast and more fluid mobility, they can help you travel through complex environments with increased confidence.

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A handheld device used to detect objects such as poles or seats that is used in conjunction with either a long cane or Guide Dog.

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iPhone, GPS and Apps

Our team can provide you with advice and information on phone technology that supports independent and efficient travel.

Linda’s story

“You wouldn’t think that such a simple thing like a cane could make such a difference, but it’s given me a lot of the freedom I thought I’d lost. I allowed my world to shrink and the cane’s opened it up again.”

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Meet the Assistive Technology team

We offer assessments and training in various forms of Assistive Technology all designed to help you achieve your goals and live an independent life.

How a specialist can help you

After getting to know a bit about you and what you hope to achieve with the help of some equipment, our specialist instructors can recommend what aid will be best suited to your needs and lifestyle. Your instructor will then provide the training you need to be able to use the device effectively and start doing the things you want to that might previously have been difficult or even impossible for you.

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Technology can make a huge difference to people experiencing blindness or low vision. No matter what your needs are, there is a device out there that will be able to support you.

Jessica, Orientation and Mobility Specialist
Guide Dogs Queensland

Learn more about your funding options

You may be able to access funding and assistance through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to help cover the cost of support and training programs.

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Learn more about your funding options

You may be able to access funding and assistance through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to help cover the cost of support and training programs.

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Complementary services

Looking for something else? All our services can be accessed on their own or in conjunction with more of our programs.

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Orientation and Mobility
Orientation and Mobility

Gain the skills you need to be able to get around safely and independently.

Guide Dog Mobility
Guide Dog Mobility

A Guide Dog is a loyal companion to help you navigate the world around you.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Receive professional support for everyday skills like cooking, cleaning and personal care.


Losing your vision can be a confronting experience, but we’re here to support you.

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