A partner to help you walk freely and feel confident

We carefully match Guide Dogs with handlers based on needs and lifestyle. A Guide Dog that is right for you will become your partner to help you achieve what you want to.

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A life-changing partnership

Guide Dogs ensure their handlers can walk freely and feel confident as they move through the world. They are trained to help people get around all kinds of environments and continue doing the things they did with full vision, like going to the shops, getting to work and moving through crowds safely and independently.

The special bond between a Guide Dog and their handler is as much about friendship and trust as it is about independence and mobility. The reliance on each other means a close bond is usually quickly developed to ensure they’re an effective team.

What does a Guide Dog do?

A Guide Dog offers a dynamic kind of independence, mobility and companionship. With their help, handlers often become more confident and active members of their community.

Guide Dogs are trained to help you navigate your daily environment and beyond. They recognise objects to guide their handlers around them, stop at curbs, recognise potential hazards at human head height, help locate where to cross the road and help you move safely through busy crowds.

Who can receive a Guide Dog?

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Is a Guide Dog right for me?

Taking on a Guide Dog isn’t for everyone, but that’s a decision you can make based on your own needs and lifestyle.

Our team of specialist Guide Dog Mobility Instructors conduct comprehensive assessments to determine if a Guide Dog is the most suitable and effective mobility aid for a person, and they can help you determine whether one will be right for you.

We also take into account a range of factors like your walking speed, amount of travel and social activities when selecting a Guide Dog for you, which helps ensure the dog you receive is the right partner to maximise your mobility and independence.

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What do I need to do to get a Guide Dog?

Before you can get a Guide Dog, you need to have developed solid orientation skills and be able to use a long cane proficiently. These skills form the foundation for handling a Guide Dog, as they help you to access your travel routes and environments safely.

You also need to demonstrate that you either have or can gain the skills you need to care for the dog yourself. For this reason, most people are over the age of 18 before they receive a Guide Dog, but each case is looked at individually.

What could I gain from having a Guide Dog?

Receiving a Guide Dog is a truly life-changing experience. Being part of a Guide Dog Team can help you with things like:

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Getting around your community safely

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Maximising your independence and confidence

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Increasing your social opportunities

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Travelling to destinations more efficiently

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Providing a sense of security

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Feeling a sense of companionship

Michael’s story

“My Guide Dog ‘Libby’ makes difficult tasks so much easier. One of our most special moments together was when she helped me get around the Mater Hospital on my own while my wife had our baby.”

Guide Dog handler
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Meet the Guide Dog Mobility team

From conducting initial assessments and helping you decide if a Guide Dog is right for you, to providing training before you receive one, we will equip you with all the skills and knowledge you need to work with your new companion.

How a Guide Dog Mobility Instructor can help you

Your Guide Dog Mobility Instructor will be very involved in selecting a dog for you from the training program graduates, to make sure it will be the right fit for your personality, physical needs, goals and lifestyle. After we’ve found the one for you, you will undergo a personalised training program so you can start working with your Guide Dog on your regular travel routes.

Our dedicated and experienced team of Guide Dog Mobility Instructors are here to support you throughout your entire journey. Following the placement of your Guide Dog, your instructor will maintain regular and ongoing contact with you so you have all the support you need to be a successful team for years to come.

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It’s incredible to see how a person changes as they grow and become more independent with the support of a Guide Dog. Our team is here to help the same thing happen for you.

Learn more about your funding options

You may be able to access funding and assistance through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to help cover the cost of support and training programs.

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Learn more about your funding options

You may be able to access funding and assistance through the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) to help cover the cost of support and training programs.

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Complementary services

Looking for something else? All our services can be accessed on their own or in conjunction with more of our programs.

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Orientation and Mobility
Orientation and Mobility

Gain the skills you need to be able to get around safely and independently.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy

Receive professional support for everyday skills like cooking, cleaning and personal care.

Assistive Technology
Assistive Technology

Toddlers can begin using equipment like a cane to help them move around safely.


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