Our mission is to help provide blind or vision impaired Queenslanders with freedom, mobility and independence.

Orientation and mobility training

Our Guide Dogs are the furry faces of our organisation, but they are just one small part of what we do and how we can help you.

We can help you develop your senses such as hearing, touch and any residual vision through our free Orientation and Mobility services.

Our experienced Orientation and Mobility Specialists can provide you with advice and support for a wide range of technology and practical mobility aids to help you feel safe and active whether you are at home or out and about.

Our specially designed Orientation and Mobility training programs are available in  regional areas and at our head office in Brisbane.

“My volunteer was able to relate to me on a personal, emotional, work and social level. I didn’t have to explain anything – she just understood how I was feeling!!”

Allison (Stafford)
Volunteer Peer Support Program

Guide Dogs mobility

The feeling of becoming part of a Guide Dog team is indescribable, but one thing’s for sure – it’s life-changing.

The special bond between a Guide Dog and their handler is as much about love, friendship and trust as it is about independence and mobility.

A Guide Dog can not only provide you with the confidence and freedom to lead the life you desire, but your new companion can also help you to overcome any feelings of isolation or fear you may be confronted with.

You are safe when you have a trusted friend as your guiding eyes.

Taking on a Guide Dog isn’t for everyone, but if you decide that a Guide Dog will suit your lifestyle you could be joining the ranks of the established Guide Dog teams working right across Queensland every day.

“I have been receiving counselling through Guide Dogs Queensland and I feel so much better about myself. I know I still have a long way to go but I feel positive because I’m not doing it alone. Eventually I’d like to apply for a Guide Dog – this is my goal.”

Beth (Everton Park)

Special Education Programs for children and young people

We provide support to all blind and vision impaired Queenslanders – no matter what age.

Our Orientation and Mobility Specialists work one-on-one with children and young people during our specialised programs, incorporating fun  activities to help build their skills and teach them to develop their senses. These programs also help blind or vision impaired children grow their confidence and create new friendships.

Orientation and Mobility training and development can begin at a very early age. Look towards the future for your family and your blind or vision impaired child by starting a lifelong relationship with Guide Dogs Queensland.

“It’s difficult to be blind. Having the opportunity to share experiences about similar loss helps you face life with a more positive attitude.”

Peter (Sunnybank)
Support Group

School aged children

Guide Dogs Queensland provides an outreach program to provide quality Orientation and Mobility training to eligible students.

Our Orientation and Mobility Specialists will liaise with the school, Advisory Visiting Teachers (Vision Impairment) and other key stakeholders. The training will take place in many settings – initially in the school and surrounding environment.

School holiday camps are an effective means to build skills, experiences and social interactions which help link student’s learning to their key priorities (identified within the student’s education program during the term).

Our school outreach program and school holiday camps are supported by the Queensland Government through the Department of Education Special Disability Support in Schools (SDSS). 

Counselling and support

We understand that losing your sight can be a daunting experience. It may make you feel isolated from your closest friends and family members and even society in general.

Our counselling and support programs can help you increase your confidence and overcome any negative feelings you may be facing. These services can help you and your family understand and adjust to life with vision loss.

You can also meet with other blind or vision impaired Queenslanders to connect with at our various support groups across the state.

If you require information on eyes and vision, technology or the national resources we offer, please click here.

Where is help available?

Guide Dogs Queensland is the only service provider in Queensland that can offer you a complete range of rehabilitation services, regardless of where you are in the state.

With seven regional offices across Queensland and regular support available to all of our regional clients, we are able to ensure that all blind or vision impaired Queenslanders in need have access to our services.

We are able to deliver services in the community where people live and work, and can come to you so our instruction is tailored to your needs in your community.

Our regional clients are also welcome to stay at our Client Residence in Brisbane to participate in advanced training programs that are unavailable in their region.



Occupational Therapy Services

Our Occupational Therapy service helps to promote independence and empower Queenslanders who are blind or vision impaired to develop the skills and confidence they require to live full and active lives.

Guide Dogs Queensland’s Occupational Therapists are health professionals who work with people who are blind or vision impaired of all ages to assist them to maintain and develop skills that increase independence and confidence.

Our specialty lies in helping determine how vision impairment influences a person’s ability and confidence to complete specific daily tasks and developing a tailored program that supports an individual’s goals.

Find out more about how this service can help you here.