During a casual chat one day with a lady in the Laidley butcher’s shop, Mike was talking about his Guide Dog ‘Bob’, who had been named after a generous benefactor to Guide Dogs Queensland.

Often in the case of a gift left to us in a Will, Guide Dogs Queensland names one of our puppies after the benefactor or a family member to celebrate their legacy.

The lady was intrigued by the dog’s name, commenting that a lady she knew in Gatton had had a brother named Bob who had left Guide Dogs a gift after he passed.

The coincidence seemed too much, so Mike contacted Guide Dogs seeking more information on the origin of his dog’s name.

It was soon revealed that the generous benefactor was indeed the brother of the lady from Gatton, and it had been his gift that put Mike’s new best friend by his side.

Guide Dogs Queensland’s Planned Giving Manager Laurel Sheil bought Mike and ‘Bob’ together with Bob’s sister Dawn in Gatton last month to meet and share their stories.  It was a lovely meeting of the group, with Dawn getting to see for herself the ongoing legacy her brother had left that was now making such a difference in Mike’s life.

It was a remarkable coincidence that Dawn and the dog named after her brother were found to be living in the same region and have finally met each other after such a long time.

If you would like more information on our Planned Giving program, please click here.


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