favicon Spring  Litter Born 2015

GDQ_NevadaDear friend,

My name is ‘Nevada’ and I’m one of the Spring Litter puppies, born at the loveliest time of the year in Brisbane!
I’ve been with my Puppy Raiser for several months now and am having a ball.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to be a superhero to a person who really needs me so I’m working hard on being the best pup I can be. My Puppy Raiser likes to give me compliments and says I’m relaxed, yet confident, which I think is the perfect personality for a future Guide Dog. In my spare time I enjoy playing with my toys or taking myself off for an afternoon snooze.

My time out in the community is flying by so quickly and my Puppy Raiser says I’m twice the pup I used to be. I think that must mean that I’ve become way more intelligent because I’ve looked around and I’m sure there aren’t two of me here! My next challenge is continuing to build on my natural talents and intelligence so that I’m ready and raring to start my training at the end of this year.

Thanks for the suppawt to you’ve given to the Spring Litter gang. Sending you lots of puppy love and licks!


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