favicon   2015



‘Leroy’ has settled into his new home and is progressing well, taking outings to the shops in his stride. His favourite thing to do is to go out into the garden and lie in the sun on the grass, watching the world go by. ‘Leroy’ loves everyone he meets and is happy playing with his toys.





Logan1 (2)


‘Logan’ is a confident, happy little girl who loves being around people. She is working very hard to improve her self control so she doesn’t get distracted by people when she is out and about. ‘Logan’ enjoys going to the local shops, where she is learning how to settle when her Puppy Raiser is seated and how to use the travelators.






‘Nevada’ is a sweet boy who is adored by everyone he meets. He is calm, gentle, willing, affectionate and very handsome. He is currently learning to ride travelators and is always very proud of himself when he walks off at the bottom. ‘Nevada’s tail never stops wagging and the people he meets never stop smiling when he’s around.


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